Strategic Planning

For too many organizations, the typical strategic planning experience is a mechanical process, aimed more at checking the “strategic plan” box than creating a living plan that unifies, inspires, and drives organizational effectiveness and impact.  We believe your strategic planning process is a powerful opportunity to define and live out your core values, ensure a multitude of voices are heard and acted on, and generate shared ownership across your organization and the stakeholders you work with and for.

In our strategic planning work together, you will experience:

Integrated Design | People own what they help create.  Our four-step design process is built around achieving maximum participation “with,” and an obsessive avoidance of “at/to.” We mine the layers of your ecosystem for potential participation, co-create engagement methods, and meet stakeholders where they’re at, whether that’s in their boardrooms or their backyards.

Assets-Based Approach | Your strengths are our starting point.  Where others might see insurmountable complexities, our clients see opportunities to affect the well-being of our entire community.  We help you identify and tap into the significant human, social, and physical assets within and around your organization to candidly address existing gaps, and accelerate your progress toward your desired future.

Fluid & Adaptable Final Product | Your strategic plan does you no good if the final product sits on a shelf.  Informed by continuous improvement practices and the belief that you shouldn’t have to start all over again when your context changes, we build out a final product that captures the core characteristics of your organizational identity alongside elements that can – and should – adapt and adjust as your context evolves.

Implementation Support | You have the final product … now comes the work of aligning your people resources, financial resources, and decision-making with what you’ve committed to in your strategic plan.  Don’t do it alone. With both ongoing and one-time support options, we help you move from vision to action so that your strategic plan leads to meaningful, measurable, and sustainable results.

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