Board Development

Can each of your board members easily (and accurately!) describe the roles and responsibilities of the board?
Is your board blurring the line between governance and management?
Does your board have clear priorities that keep them focused, engaged, and working as collaborators?


The health and effectiveness of your board directly affects your organization’s ability to deliver on its mission.  BoardSource’s most recent Index of Nonprofit Board Practices study found:

  • Boards are no more diverse than they were two years ago, and current recruitment priorities show this is unlikely to change.
  • Boards that assess their performance regularly perform better on core responsibilities.
  • Two characteristics that dramatically affect organizational performance are board-related: the board’s understanding of its roles and responsibilities and the board’s ability to work as collaborators toward shared goals.

Whether you’re in need of an overhaul or a fine-tuning, our team will work with you to:

  • Assess the effectiveness of your board across five domains to uncover strengths and areas needing development.
  • Design and facilitate single- and multi-session board trainings focused on good governance and effective board practices.
  • Build powerful and easily-implemented tools that provide visibility and accountability for the board and the organization.
  • Implement good governance practices that are sustainable over time, so you’re focusing your resources where they matter most.

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